Friday, January 30, 2009

25 things about me

1. i love spending time with my family (including my teenagers lol!)
2. i love to talk
3. i love my computer
4. i love wal-mart
5. i loved highschool
6. i treat my dogs like babies
7. i scrapbook
8. love to decorate ( my husband hates it)
9. like to read biographys
10. like to watch HGTV and DIY
11. favorite place to vactation is the Black Hill in South Dakota
12. i hate telemarketers
13. love to text
14. have a myspace and facebook
15. love learning about my familys genelogy
16. i am part native american
17. still miss my dog spike
18. my middle name is Rae (after my daddy, grandpa and uncle)
19. faint easily (wonder where Chance gets it)
20. like to sew
21. love to watch Sooner Football
22. hate laundry
23. never had a job til i was 30.
24. am a neat freak
25. favorite drink is iced tea with lemon

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